Best of Twitter - Week of September 6, 2021 [1/2]

Personal news:

Twitter avatar for @alexeyguzeyAlexey Guzey @alexeyguzey
While the equally brilliant authors of the blog SLIME MOLD TIME MOLD have joined as Head(s) of Content. We are continuing to grow and are still hiring for the Head of Program position and for the Living Library position. Join us!!


Excited to announce that we are joining @newscienceorg as Heads of Content! We look forward to helping them fire up new projects and working with them to produce original essays on how to do ambitious groundbreaking research. 😎


^ my social life only started to improve once I decided to stop being resentful for people not wanting to hang out with me and decided to be ok with initiating 90% of contact

Quarantined section

^ (I verified that the quote is accurate and not out of context)


Correction to last week’s tweet about 17 women reproducing per 1 man. According to the paper cited, this was the case at some very brief point, most of the rest of the time the ratio was only about 3: