Best of Twitter - Week of August 23, 2021 [1/2]


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Everything is infectious disease pt. 297… Image

Charlie Petty @credibleutility

Another entry into the 'everything is infectious disease' file. h/t @serenestazure

^ insane fucking thread

Quarantined section


Correction to the Tim Ferriss tweet in the last newsletter:

Alexey, you linked to:

The fact that Tim Ferriss stopped taking all supplements besides magnesium should tell you everything you need to know.

But OP later clarifies

Sorry also athletic greens

Which okay, is still only 2 things, except that Athletic Greens is actually 75 things on its own, including many of the supplements that people go nuts for at Whole Foods (Wheatgrass, Reishi, Green Tea Extract, Ashwagndha, etc)

^ oof