Best of Twitter - Week of August 17, 2020

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^ gotta love the >6 hours per day self-report data. incredible

Daniel Bolnick @DanielBolnick
Today some co-authors and I published a "correction" removing our names as authors on a paper… This unusual move deserves explanation despite continuing moves by a coauthor's lawyers that have had a chilling effect my expression of my scientific views

^ very interesting given that only thing I heard before about platform commission was that Uber/Lyft keeping ~30% is evil..never thought about how much drivers used to take home before. Also very interesting how in employment you likely get much smaller % of the value you produce but because value produced and costs to employer are largely illegible, you do not instinctively feel unfairness. But when you rent a car, pay all business expenses and know exactly how much surplus you generate, even 30% immediately starts to seem extremely unfair. Many implications imo. Thoughts?

^ very interesting

Quarantined section

^ found this thread though-provoking, even though it’s clearly not 100% correct